Building Failure Investigation

Philadelphia, PA

limekilnThese wood frame townhouses were newly built in the 1990s as affordable housing. The cladding was acrylic stucco over OSB sheathing. 15 years later, the stucco finish looked as good as the day it was installed, but there was evident moisture coming inside the homes, suggesting that the wall assembly was accepting and storing bulk moisture. Innova cut discrete holes in the stucco cladding to take moisture readings of the sheathing. Nearly all of the wall assembly was wet, some of it saturated, and some was now completely missing. Innova scoped the cladding and sheathing replacement and oversaw the reconstruction of these units.

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New Brunswick, NJ

academyInnova's investigation of soil gas odors in this newly renovated 60-unit apartment building revealed that the cause was due to significant building depressurization. Innova quantified the depressurizing effects of the buildings stack pressure, furnace flues, and its mechanical ventilation and ducting arrangements, and we prescribed an elegant low-tech pressure-balancing solution.

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Jim Thorpe, PA

academyInnova was called upon to determine the causes of masonry and ornamental terra cotta failures at the building's historic façade. Innova determined that the primary cause of the failures was the deteriorated lining in the building's integral gutter system. Innova was contracted to replace the gutter lining, to undertake emergency masonry repairs and to develop and implement a comprehensive work scope for the restoration of the balance of the damaged masonry elements.

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Philadelphia, PA

academyA 78-unit newly constructed townhouse development experienced trouble with persistent foundation water infiltration. Innova's investigations identified capillary suction of ground water at the footing as the cause and our prescribed fix has left the basements dry and free of excess humidity.

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