Innova Redevelopment, LLC is building ten (10) new affordable, for-sale, single-family townhouses in Point Breeze.

The homes are targeted to families earning up to 80% of Area Median Income and priced to be affordable to a large range of buyers within that limit. The homes will incorporate sustainable and energy efficient building materials and techniques, and will exceed Energy Star for Homes Version 3 standards, ensuring affordable operating and maintenance costs for the homeowners.


  • Brick facades (with bays on 3 story homes)
  • Fiber cement rear walls
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 full baths
  • Solid hardwood flooring throughout 
  • Homes with a three-story facade will have a rear roof deck.


  • Energy Star for Homes Version 3 performance based modeling and verification
  • Interior spray foam insulation in exterior wall (R-19) and roof (R-38) cavities
  • R-10 foundation insulation
  • Blower door guided air sealing & duct-blaster duct leakage testing
  • Gas-fired furnace with the ability to modulate down to 26,000 BTU input at 95.5% AFUE
  • 16 SEER Central AC
  • On-demand domestic hot water
  • Energy Star, windows, doors, lighting and appliances
  • High performance, water saving plumbing fixtures
  • Reflective white “cool” roofs
  • Ample glazing for optimum day-lighting
  • Source-control ventilation for improved indoor air quality
  • Landscaped planting beds and street trees(where sidewalk width allows)
  • Recycled content finishes; jobsite waste management through certified waste hauler

All of the Latona Green homes encourage greening of the urban environment with a garden-focused interior space with large glass rear walls and an open plan on the first floor--offering a row house prototype that is informed by the rich history of idiom, while adapting to changing modes of living and embracing both traditional and modern sustainable material choices.

One property has been designed to be accessible to persons with mobility impairments and features a first floor ADA compliant bedroom in addition to 3 bedrooms on the upper floors. This home will also feature an ADA accessible bathroom on the first floor and 2 full baths on the 2nd and 3rd floors. A second home has been designed to be VisitAble to persons in a wheelchair and will feature an additional VisitAble powder room on the first floor. A third home will be accessible to persons with sensory impairments.

Manton Street